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For buyers

Rice husk is sold by metric ton (MT). Typically it is packed in poly propylene (PP) bags (30kg and 4-600kg), and container loaded. Bulk loading of pellets is technically possible but is not the norm. ricehusk.com has negotiated tax free import TARIC codes with the EU and many other countries. ricehusk.com Pte Ltd is unique in having done this directly with tax authorities, and have not relied on customers to work this out with their local tax and customs authorities. Rice husk is listed as general cargo. It does not require MSDS. However we can provide an SGS REACH registered MSDS for our rice husk products if required. We are the only rice husk supplier with EU REACH registered MSDS. The format of rice husk (whole, baled, ground, briquette, pellet) is application specific. If you are unsure of what you require please contact us for free assistance.

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For sellers

[If you are reading this point, chances are higher than 90% you are from India or Pakistan, fyi]

ricehusk.com receives so many emails every day regarding how to sell rice husk, that we can no longer respond to every enquiry to explain the basics. This section is the maximum free information we provide for interested sellers.

If you wish to supply rice husk please understand foremost - rice husk is a cheaper substitute for something else. If it's not cheaper it will not sell. Because it is biomass it does not mean it is worth more like magic. We will consider non solicited offers from mills, send them as MT, FCL, FOB at your nearest major sea port, but please note ricehusk.com is extremely serious about quality and we are active onsite at our supply locations. 

Processing ground husk for sale is all about particle size. For all product formats (ground, pellet, briquette) users have specific requirements for the particle sizes within.

Hammer milling is the typical and cheapest method. There is high level of wear on the mesh screens/sieves in particular. A vibrating screen is required for particle sizes below 1mm.

Ground rice husk

  • 2-3 mm coarse hammer mill grinding
  • 0.6mm max hammer mill with fine mesh
  • 0.15mm max hammer mill with fine vibrating mesh or air classifier industrial use

Providing a max and minimum size results in a higher price. This requires double sieving/classifying. Eg. 0.3 - 0.6mm.....

Briquette rice husk

  • Pini kay type briquette format is the best
  • Achieving consistent density is essential
  • There must be no binding additives

Husk must be fresh and clean. Using old husk and dirty husk is very obvious to identify visually, and results in inferior burning performance.


Unless you are able to invest between 1-5 million USD for a quality industrial volume plant, do not waste your time. Export quality RH pelleting requires this sort of investment. For local sales only you may be able to use smaller, cheaper pellet machines but the high silica content destroys the dyes in these machines quickly.


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