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- Rice husk has a number of names, the most common being husk, hull, and chaff -

ricehusk.com Pte Ltd supplies rice husk in raw, ground, powder, and briquette forms. Packaging and transport is most often in PP and PPL bags; container and bulk shipping are offered*. Our shipments are all surveyed.

Grind sizes can be specified by the customer, ricehusk.com Pte Ltd can also make suggestions based on the buyers expected use. The most commonly purchased particle sizes are 3mm and below.


2-3mm Typical for biomass use
0.5mm (Powder) Typical for paper and WPC composite
panel/adhesive buyers
Unground Bedding and horticulture buyers prefer
large sizes or whole raw husks.
Briquette Raw husks pressed into ’log’ shapes. Suitable 
for domestic and certain industrial users.
Pellet See the FAQ page
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There are a large number of supposed sellers of rice husk advertising on the internet. The various specifications claimed and advertised are frequently misleading, impossible, or direct copies of details provided by other sellers. We know, as our own details have appeared on others sites. We offer a frank business experience backed up with over 50 years experience in agriculture and milling in Asia.


*Bulk shipping – ground rice husk has a density of 0.34 – 0.4 . Due to this it is very light and loose bulk un/loading has a loss risk if using grabs. Enclosed bucket or suction un/loading is recommended.

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